Can I build a carport in front of my house?

Properties in South Africa are known for their extensive spacious gardens around the house. If space allows, placing a carport in front of your home makes sense for easy access. But how close to the front of your property can you actually build? Well let premium carports explain…

In South Africa, you can build a carport in front of your house as long as it is not built over the building line. The building line is usually 7.5 meters from the street-facing boundary line and 2 meters from your side boundary line.

How close to the boundary wall can I build a carport?

You may want to build as close to your property boundary as possible so that the structure is out of the way and does not impose too much on your garden space. But with building lines in place, how close can you really build to your boundary wall?

Assuming your boundary wall is built precisely on your boundary line, carports and all other structures must be built at least 7.5 meters away from the wall on the street-facing side and 2 meters away from the wall on all other sides.

What is premium carports?

Premium Carports is not just carports but years of experience in carports we offer advice, solutions and advice on repairs. We don’t just install carports we offer you solutions.

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